Best Ninja Blender in 2020 – Top 3 Included

There are some things that you can not survive a day without. And one of these things that are must complete your meal or maybe your smoothie or protein shake is the ninja blender. While blenders have long transformed the traditional mixers, there are many choices. Yes, there are many blenders in the market. And you are free to choose the one based on your preference, price or brand. However, as often the case either the brand does not meet all your blending needs or there is something that falls short of being perfect for your kitchen. Either way what’s important is the complete blending solution that is great for your kitchen like the ninja blender. And it can conveniently replace many accessories with just one blender.

Then it should be THE BEST NINJA BLENDER for any kitchen….

One such blender that is catching up among people is the best ninja blender. And, it’s not without a reason. There are many features in the best ninja blender that is making it a favorite in many kitchens. It’s not only the brand name but the features and functionalities that are fast gaining acceptance.

In this article, we touch upon such features that are uniquely Ninja. Besides, we also give you compelling reasons why you cannot ignore the best ninja blender when you are preparing to purchase one for your home. Along with the benefits we also suggest how to use the best ninja blender most efficiently.

It’s obvious that using the best ninja blender need not be the same as your other blenders. Since it has advanced technology that makes blending in the kitchen a breeze. While you take time to decide if best ninja blenders are right for you, we review five Ninja Blenders to help you decide on what’s unique with these blenders. Each review has been done based on the features, pros and cons and an unbiased view of what makes the blender unique and right for your kitchen.

Even as each best ninja blender is unique, the review will identify reveal some features you can use in certain situations. And, as with all products in your kitchen breakdowns are inevitable. But so are replacements to let your favorite item continue functioning as good as new.

Towards the end of the article, we take you through the best ninja blender parts and how its elements can breakdown at times resulting in replacement. These are some of the most common replacement parts, and you can take a look at how it fits into your kitchen priorities even as you try the different best ninja blenders.




  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 17 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.6 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 10.25 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Euro-Pro
  • ASIN: B00939FV8K
  • Item model number: BL660


This Ninja Professional Countertop Blender comes with the power of 110 watts with three-speed options. Also, you get the pulse and single-serve options. With the capacity of 72 oz, it’s ideal for converting ice to snow in a matter of seconds. So, go ahead and make your frozen drinks without having to struggle with the process of ice conversion.

Alternatively, you also get two 16 oz Nutri Ninja cups that come with To-go-Lids. The blender is also used well to extract nutrient and vitamin extraction. With the mixture of whole fruits, stems, veggies, and seeds you get to experience a smooth mixture in the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender.  It also comes with the total crushing blades that blast through the ice and frozen fruit. It gives the complete crushing, blending and controlled processing. At 8 X 6X 17 inches, it is compact and can easily fit in any corner of your kitchen. Excellent addition for the entire family, it is a delight to prepare items all in one blender. So, serve crushed ice, smoothies and frozen drinks which is a respite in the hot weather.

In fact, with best ninja blender, you can now get rid of the need to keep ready-to-drink soft drinks. It is with sweeteners and bad for a healthier tomorrow. Along with it, the powerful motor gives you a strong reason to slice and dice fruits like pears, celery, peanut for secure processing. With this blender, you can insert them directly in the blender or slice them if needed for a consistent blending. The durability is one feature that is an active feature in the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender review. The long-life is due to the innovation of durability, powerful motor and also innovation to eliminate issues concerning dull blades that break easily or are not able to process quickly leading to chunks of food back in the blender.

Best ninja blender – Great Fit for Your Kitchen

What makes this Ninja Professional Countertop Blender a great fit to your kitchen is that it saves time. Usually, a well-made smoothie needs sufficient time to clean, dice and also ensure you use all the fruit in the smoothie. But with the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender, all you need is clean and toss the fruits or veggies in the blender. And, you have an equally consistent and well-made smoothie in no time. It also reduces the stress of having to make smoothies in batches. Instead with the big pitcher, you end up quickly making smoothies, deserts or any food speedily. It also leaves enough time to process another foodstuff.

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender is your handy product for quick, easy and consistent desserts and smoothies in no time. Save time for yourself or also gift it for a quick smoothie. Best Ninja Blender long-lasting and equally a time-saver.

Ninja Professional Counter top Blender- Our Experiences

A high power blender with ultimate blending experiences. The tool comes with 1100 watts of power and it is highly sophisticated.


  • Comes with 3 speeds, pulse, and single-serve functions
  • Super fast and powerful Ice crusher
  • Comes with 'Nutri Ninja Cups' which are super helpful are perfect for creating nutritious drinks to take on the go
  • BPA-free
  • A well-designed blender for any kitchen.
  • A perfect substitute for Vitamix


  • Power comes with relatively higher electrical consumption
  • Durability issues are a common thing



  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 14 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.65 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 7.9 pounds
  • Manufacturer: SharkNinja
  • ASIN: B00Y2U1QUM
  • Item model number: BL456
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required


If you are in the search for juicer or smoothie maker, then the Ninja Nutri Edge is what you need. It comes with 900 watts of professional power. With this powerful technique, it is ideal for nutritious juices and smoothies. Also, the make and model are designed to extract the wholesome nutrition from the vegetable or fruits you remove the juice.

Often juicers are known to leak or spill and cause discomfort to the user. And, this is mainly a mess when a young one or a newbie try their hand at it. It’s not only newbie’s but also pros who end up with juice splattered on the kitchen wall. For this, the best way is to fill the juicer appropriately. But do not overflow it thereby leaving enough space to mix the juice well.

Another advantage of having a Ninja Nutri Edge is the Spout Lids that lets you pour the drinks and have it on the go. At times the frozen ingredients crush ice and seeds can be hard to blend. It’s for this very reason that the Ninja Nutri Edge is designed to allow you to consistently combine all ingredients together and also create nutritious juices and smoothies for a healthy you.

This sturdy Ninja Nutri Edge review also found the juicer to line up perfectly with the base, therefore, giving you a powerful juicer even as it powers your juice. The high power takes lesser time to blend. And, it’s not just the fruits but also flaxseeds, fresh spinach, yogurt, and your natural protein powder. By using this juicer, you get to time your workout. Also, you get to prepare for your exercise and also have a nutritious meal all at the same time.

Besides, this juicer comes with many features that are often a complaint with other juicers. For instance, the rpm’s on the blender usually require higher power to crush ice or frozen drinks. Because Ninja Nutri Edge ha sharp and robust blades and high power technology it often supersedes the other juicers. Also, it has safety measures which do not let it overload or break the safety barrier. Therefore, even though it comes with sharp blades, adequate care can avoid any undue hurt or accidents.

Ninja products come with a warranty. However, do ensure to check the manual for further details on which parts are under warranty and which do not fall under it.

Ninja BL456 Nutri Edge- Our Experiences

A powerful and modern blender to extract Vitamins and all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables


  • Super sturdy and Powerful compact blender
  • Precision designed to fit
  • Takes less time to blend and pulverize fruits and vegetables
  • Easy to clean
  • Worth the price


  • If not properly cared, the blade assembly may freeze
  • Operational sound is a little higher than a Majic bullet



  • Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 5.9 x 13.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.63 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 5.1 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Ninja


The Ninja Personal Blender is a welcome addition to any home or its supporting parts and 700-watt power pod. Also, it comes with Pulse technology that allows easy use of whole fruits to extract the juice and even whole vegetables when you need them. The Ninja Personal Blender also comes with two 16 oz Nutri Ninja Cups. With this, you can batch your juices for a large group or conveniently make a large quantity for later use.

Once you use the personal blender, you don’t have to worry about carrying it around for a sip either at home or office. That’s because the Ninja Personal Blender does come with two Sip & Seal lids. With these lids, you are free to carry around your juice without worrying about spilling it over or leading to wastage of the juice. Another advantage is that is it ideal to give to kids in a hurry. It also ensures they get their vital nutrients and even on time.

Unlike the other Ninja products, the Ninja Personal Blender also comes with a 50-recipe cookbook. So, now you can mix and match your fruits and vegetable to get the best combination of food and smoothies deliciously. Try some of the recipes and share it with others.

Because the size of the Ninja Personal Blender is small, it can fit in any corner of the kitchen. It does not occupy much space and is also perfect to gift anyone. By doing so, you provide others with the means for a healthy tomorrow. In other words, you are paving the way for a better life and easy and efficient ways to have natural ingredients in your diet. The Ninja Personal Blender is compactly made with minimalistic look yet high on modern technology just right for our busy lives. Even while it powers your blender, it also removes the unnecessary hassle to have a bulky juicer, processor and blended. The assortment of all Ninja products as this Ninja Personal Blender is a valuable gift for anyone.

With the sleek and modern look, it is stylish yet lets you mix a whole lot of veggies and fruits in no time. Often for parties frozen food is hard to use. Blend the frozen food or ice and keep it ready for the consumer in no time. Also, because it is small and easy to carry around, take it with you on a trip or for a long route. It conveniently fits in the bag and also does not occupy much space.

If you already have one blender at home and are looking to buy one for grown-up kids or friends, then this is a perfect gift. With its stylish look, it can be a beautiful gift and yet highly functional. Since it has very few instances of breakdown, it can hold well as your gift for a long time.

For kale lovers, this is a blessing and works well with nuts, seeks and ice too. The tall cup carries just enough juice for your needs. And, it’s a perfect start in the morning for a healthy day.

Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes- Our Experiences

A blender that designed smoothie lovers and fitness fanatics When someone loves to eat healthier and fresher, this is your go-to blender. hands down.


  • Thicker and more durable plastic cups
  • Cups, Lids, Blades are dishwasher safe
  • Perfectly designed for convenient blending
  • Powerful, yet compact design
  • Easy to operate and easy to clean


  • Comes with just 2 cups. It should've been more
  • Tall cups make it harder to store in the refrigerator


  • Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 9.5 x 15.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 10.58 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 12.6 pounds
  • Manufacturer: SharkNinja
  • Item model number: BL492W


While blending is a daily process to whip up some smoothies or protein shake quickly, it does take time. Because you don’t want a mess in the kitchen but also want a smooth mixture to make a wise choice. Pick the Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ which is a compact blending system designed for an even more seamless, more beautiful and better blend that is unmatched by other blenders.

The technology of best ninja blender – Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ

It carries along with it many options that are equipped with the latest technology to power it. The Auto-iQ  One-Touch intelligence comes with the Smooth Boost Technology. What it helps to do is customization of the mixture to the next level. More granular, better taste and an even better design and make are what make it unique.  It also comes with the unique combination of Ninja blades that are powerful with high torque motor and high speeds.  So, along with a start and stop options you get the smooth boost, extract and blend options all with the start of the button.

If you wish to extract all nutrients from your fruits and vegetables, then the high-performance blending along with the sharp blades is an ideal combination to get just that. Because these blades are powerful enough, they power through frozen ingredients and ice as quickly as possible without stress.

Components in Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ

This modern and ultra cool looking high technology enabled blending system comes with two regular Tritan Nutri Ninja cups. These comfortably let you make an adequate quantity for two people for make for a perfect combination of juices after a workout. If you are too busy to consume the drink immediately, then use the Sip and Seal lids that come along with the Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ. Besides, this also comes with an additional stainless steel cup which keeps the frozen smoothies cold for long. And, if you are on a four hour trip on the road or by air carry it along with you and be ready for a healthy drink that you make in your kitchen. It also lets you avoid any aerated drinks that are harmful and add to your calories.

If you are going vegan or on a liquid diet for a certain period, this is a good investment for your health. With a small size, place it in any part of your kitchen. Also, except for the cleaning, it requires little or no maintenance. As with all products, it is always better to go through the instructions manual for the safe-keeping of the Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ.

Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact Blending System- Our Experiences

A higher performing blender with cutting edge tech blades which are super tough to cut through frozen fruits and vegetables.


  • Power enough to cut through an iceberg
  • Crushes frozen fruits and vegetables like a charm
  • Spacious cups, more room for more fruits and veggies
  • One touch intelligence makes the blender experience more convenient.


  • The lid does not seal completely on many occasions.
  • Leaks are a problem
  • Molds and accumulation of blended materials around the silicone lining is a huge issue
  • Expensive


  • Product Dimensions: 14.4 x 10.4 x 16.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 6.14 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 13.56 pounds
  • Manufacturer: SharkNinja
  • ASIN: B01KA7VZA6
  • Item model number: NN102
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required.


The Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost equips the user with not only fast speed but also extracting the best from the fruits and vegetables in its most organic form. The Nutri Bowl has 1200-watt and the Pro Extractor Blades. Also, the advantage of the sharp blades is that it lets you cut through meals, snacks, whole grains, proteins, and nuts.

Another advantage is that your Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl comes with Nutrient and Vitamin extraction that is the drink that contains the vitamins and nutrients from fruits and vegetables

Auto-iQ Technology in Best Ninja Blender

The benefit of the Auto-iQ technology is that it is an intelligent program that has specific time pulsing, pausing pattern and pulsing for different works. Also, prepare some fresh smoothies and juices in lesser time. Whip delicious desserts together and make tasty snacks without having to spend a lot of time on it. If you do have the Auto-iQ technology to power your blender, then you also get to control the texture and consistency of the smoothies.

Along with it you also get the Nutrient Fusion that transforms the fresh ingredients into flavourful meals. So, that means with the one base and two interchangeable vessels you get to use a Nutrient and Vitamin Extractor that you can also use as Nutrient Fusion Processor.  The difference between the Nutrient and Vitamin Extractor and Nutrient Fusion processor is that the Nutrient and Vitamin Extractor gives you the option of the concentrated extractions, power extractions and frozen extractions each that extracts the best to keep you active during the day. Unlike it, the Nutrient Fusion Processor makes protein fusions, sweet fusions, and frozen fusions. So prepare yourself for a healthy protein snack for the workout. Unleash the sweet cravings by using the sweet fusions and indulge in frozen fusions for everyone’s delight.

What’s unique about this Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl is that it grinds the food well without leaving behind traces of the food product in pieces. What you get after blending or making a smoothie is no residual traces of the food but instead a smooth mixture that makes the entire process hassle-free and clean. If you are trying this for the first time, then you will be delighted to know that this multi-use product is useful for many occasions and can work well as a gift and also to carry along on tours. Make a quick smoothie or a juice and kickstart your day on a good note.

Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost- Our Experiences

If you are looking for a lavorful Nutrient Fusion, then Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO with Auto-iQ Boost should be your ultimate selection


  • IQ powered blender to make things much easier for you
  • Comes with a powerful motor and strong blades to make the process even smoother
  • Perfect For A Small Household
  • 'Smoothie button' for Smoothie lovers
  • Less noisy compared to what it designed to do
  • Blades are super sharp and they will cut through anything that comes in contact


  • Higher power consumption causes higher electricity consumption
  • Expensive, if you don't know what you want
  • Sharp blades may create problems when cleaning

Benefits of finding the Best Ninja Blender for your needs

Best ninja blender

The benefits of the best ninja blender are multi-fold. It has not only innovated with its technology but has also managed to meet the growing demands of modern consumers and millennials. While the traditional methods may continue to attract food lovers, what has changed is the efficiency and ease to do it.

With this precise thought, best ninja blender has many features that make it a novelty. Some of them are stylish designs that make the best ninja blender pride in the kitchen. They are attractive and can make your guests go green envy. Along with it, it is also scratch proof that does not disturb the design. And, also retains its look even if it comes in the hands of kids.

Other benefits of best ninja blender are the consistent blending and patented blade technology. The patented blades of four and six blades are designed to fit in the container comfortably. It also makes it safe to clean the container well without getting hurt. Because these blades are sharp and developed so, they equally mince the food without leaving behind chunks in the food. This harmonious blending is a delight and does the work in one go without having to redo the blending every time.

What’s unique about the benefits of the best ninja blender is the container variety. It comes in different pitcher variety of 72 oz, 48 oz or 40 oz. However, if you feel these are too big for single use, then best ninja blender has a solution for it also. The benefits of the best ninja blender extend to single-serve cups for personal drinks. That’s not all. The go-to-lids for these single-serve cups are a delight to carry along the drinks wherever you go. The high power blades power the Ninja Blender to work faster and do the work in a short time. Therefore this means you spend less time in the kitchen and more with your family and friends.

The benefits of a Ninja Blender don’t extend to only the make but also the material used to prepare the blender. Harmful products can get into the food if the material used is of poor quality or inappropriate. Ninja Blender has taken a due care to avoid BPA contamination. Because the blender comes in direct contact with the food, Ninja Blender is BPA free. They protect you from harmful side-effects and contribute to your health.

Also, we all know how tedious dishwashing can be. To reduce the stress dishwashers are a welcome relief. If this is something you want to get it done in a short time, then Ninja Blender is right for you. It has the benefits of a Ninja Blender extend in washing too. Not only can you use the Ninja Blender in the dishwasher it will also be equally clean to reuse it every time. However, we do suggest checking the manual before you place the used Ninja Blender in the dishwasher since at times some parts may have to be kept outside the dishwasher for its safety and longevity.

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of the Ninja Blender we suggest checking out the next section that gives you a glimpse of how you can use your new Ninja Blender.


How to use the best Ninja Blender

While the Ninja Blender has innovation and technology to back up its design, its use is not that complex as you assume it to be. In fact with better equipment and use it is as simple as ready, set and go. It’s for this very reason we take you through how to use Ninja Blender in a few easy steps.

Because best ninja blender is of high-quality design and higher power it is equipped to perform much better than any other Ninja Blender. Each best ninja blender comes with its manual that will guide you to the exact process of setting it up.

Even as the appliance parts might be different, the basic setup is the same. Ideally, take the base and place it on an even flat surface. Untie the cord and straighten it up. Place it to a socket that’s within reach but avoid making it on before the pitcher has is attached to the base.

Either you will have a pitcher or a single serve as per your need. Use the one that is most appropriate and fix it to the base. Open the pitcher lid using the release button and place your desired fruits or veggies in the blender. Cover the lid tightly. If the lid is open, then it will not work. Make the main switch on and select from among the three-speed settings. Also when it comes to how to use the best ninja blender more efficiently, you can also use the Pulse setting. This Pulse setting makes the best ninja blender chop or processes the food. Though make sure to hold down the button till you achieve the consistency and get the desired outcome in your food.


Cleaning of the best Ninja Blender

Once you use the Ninja Blender, it is equally comfortable to carry the cleaning. For the technique on how to use the best ninja blender to clean rinse off the lids and blades with hot water to remove any food that’s stuck. Also, rinsing the inner side of the pitcher can render it clean. Along with it use a soft sponge that can remove any hard to get rid of particles. Even though the cups, blades, and lids are safe to use in the dishwasher, it is recommended to wash by hand to ensure a long life of the blender.

Often some food particles can get stuck at the bottom of the pitcher or the base. For this after washing the inside wipe it with a soft cloth. Avoid removing the base of the blender with water. Instead, use the elastic material to keep it clean. At times, you might also have a red light that gets activated. It is because the lid and the handle have to be aligned. There is an arrow each on the lid and the blender. Align them with each other to ensure they are in line. Once they are in line, the cover is locked, and the red line will stop blinking indicating it is ideal to use.

Ninja Blender Replacement Parts

Best ninja blender-1

Like in all products there are at times, you have to replace small parts. These parts in the Ninja Blender are available easily. Some of the most common parts which need replacing in the Ninja blender include bottom blade, pitcher, pitcher locking lid, pitcher bowl, dry blade assembly and 32 oz replacement for Nutri Ninja blenders.

The bottom blade is a standard replacement part in most Ninja Blenders. However, take time to check the manual if it is a perfect fit. The bottom blade comes with seven fins of four-inch / ten-centimeter diameter made of stainless steel. It comes with a three-month warranty. Since you need to replace the extractor blade every six months, take time to change it before it wears off completely. Also, ensure the rubber gasket is put it properly at the bottom.

The pitcher is another common Ninja Blender replacement parts you have to change. Since it is the commonly used part that undergoes wear and tears, it requires proper attention. At the same time, you need to check for the size of the pitcher if it perfectly fits in. Some new parts available are compatible with the new models. Please check the old Ninja models of they are a perfect size before you purchase one of these parts.

The pitcher locking lid is another Ninja Blender replacement parts that you should look at any time there are issues with it. While not all problems need a replacement, it is best to check with the company for any genuine lid lock issues that are hard to fix. If you wish to purchase a pitcher locking lid be sure to take it for pitchers that do not have a spout. This pitcher locking lid is ideal for a 72 ounce XL pitcher.

A replacement pitcher bowl is another one of the Ninja Blender replacement parts that fall under maintenance. Because you use it quite often, it needs a change when it undergoes wear and tear. This 16 oz replacement pitcher fits in some of the pitcher models. Do check the size and appropriate fit before buying. The best part on the replacement is that you don’t need to buy the entire set and replace with the part that’s unusable or damaged.

The Vitamix dry blade assembly is a perfect fit when you want to replace the worn out dry blades. They sustain even for coffee grinding and are an ideal replacement when you need one.

If you are looking for a 32 oz replacement for your Ninja Blender, then this is what you need. It is an X-large 32 ounce size replacement cup. Along with being compatible with most Ninja models, it is also dishwasher safe. Because they take care of the harmful impact of BPA on your food, the material is BPA free making it perfect for your blending and processing needs.

What would be your best ‘go-to’ ninja blender – Conclusion

best ninja blender-2

Best Ninja Blender in 2020 is about knowing the inside-outs of the Ninja Blender. While we have tried to give you a comprehensive view of the best way to use a Ninja Blender it is in no way complete. We suggest checking for individual manuals for its instructions and suggestions.

Another area which we covered was the benefits of using the Ninja Blenders. Since blenders are prone to wear and tear, we also took you through ways to use it more effectively.  Cleaning is an integral part of blending and cleaning as recommended can ensure you retain the blenders for a long time.

Even so, there are many best ninja blender for healthy food consumption. Along with it, since we are all used to using the dishwasher, most Ninja Blenders are dishwasher friendly. Do check the manual for exact specifications and instructions on your purchase.

Different best ninja blender has been prepared with utmost care and with the latest technology. These are high-powered to meet all your blending and processing needs in the shortest possible time without compromising on the health benefits. Another benefit of the Ninja Blenders is they are designed keeping the space constraints in the kitchen. With sleek yet modern design they are apt for your kitchen, travel needs and to keep up with your health and exercise routine.

We know that products do undergo wear and tear. So, you need replacement parts. We have taken you through some of the most common replacement parts for best ninja blender. Along with the parts do take care to ensure they are a perfect fit for your model.

Even as you plan to take home a new Ninja Blender, it’s worth spending time going through our detailed review for each of them. It will ensure you are sure of the exact blending needs and don’t end up buying one you don’t need. Besides, since each best ninja blender has different utilities, mapping them to what and where you will use them will be of great help.

Have you used a  ninja blender before? Well, it is not a must that is should be the best ninja blender.

What has been your experience? Do share it with us in the comments!

Don’t forget to tag your family and friends who are looking for a perfect high-tech blender for their blending and processing needs!

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